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And there comes the time when you start to feel the excitement of a new dawn. However envisioning your wedding celebration comes along with the stress of a new challenge that implies finance, creativity and boldness in decisions.

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The coolest approach to a successful wedding day is to be aware of everything that will make up the biggest day of your life. 

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Getting married is all about stress-free planning. Hence your most worrying apprehensions need to be answered on the fly by the professional wedding planners that we are... Remember we've done that successfully before, on more than 200 occasions. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Mauritius Wedding Planner is one of the pioneers in handling wedding celebrations in Mauritius. We have been around for at little more than 20 years now and have a proven track record with organizing  traditional as well as unconventional wedding for both local and international couples.

MWP has had a little bit more than 250 marriages planned, during which we catered for more than 900 meal sets served to almost 20,000 happy guests, in 68 prestigious locations. And we expect yours soon.

Actually, real wedding costs grow exponentially depending on desired levels of luxury and extravagance. The higher these levels, the more specialized vendors are needed to accomplish the mission of making your nuptial celebration the greatest day of your life. However, this will definitely inflate expenses to unexpected heights.

Whereas worthy Wedding Planners like ourselves take only a fair percentage of the gross wedding cost, at the same time, they would usually advise you, like we do, on ways to optimize and stay within your voted budget. 

Let’s say, you and your special one, both agreed on a big fat Mauritian beach wedding. You envision sharing fine cuisine concocted by renowned chefs, under a classy Bedouin tent that can accommodate 100 guests or more in an exquisite décor, with some exotic background music, under a dazzling sunset.

When planning on such an exotic wedding celebration, the preference for a locally recognized Wedding Planner is totally relevant. But there are so many other reasons to consider hiring a professional wedding planning team. There is the need to plan, realize and deliver, on-site, the most important day of your life.

Firstly, there is the knowledge of the land. Local wedding planners know their vendors. As a result, they know how to negotiate for the best services and grab the best deals. 

Secondly, they have privileged access to prestigious venues. In other words they can be an essential asset for the success of classy wedding day. 

Thirdly, local planners are agile enough to find quick solutions to any kind of hiccups that might come up on the way to your big day. Likewise they will do everything to add that additional touch that make a beautiful event become a unforgettable moment in a lifetime.

Most importantly, dealing with legal formalities in exotic places can end up being a pin in the toe, for those who are not acquainted to local conventions and habits. As a matter of fact, local Wedding Planners are the most valuable assets in that situation. They will do that hard part of the job and make you the king or queen for a day without any stress.

Definitely YES! Regarding, at least, whatever can be readily available locally. As for services and products that need to be specifically imported, we will do whatever it takes to ensure proper fulfillment and delivery prior to D-day. 

Definitely! We just don’t do as we plan or wish. We take great pride at being with you as co-creators of your big moment. We will mostly guide you all along the path to your D-day and bring together essential vendors that are key to your party’s success. As executors, we will do as much or as little as you may feel comfortable with. 

Above everything, we believe that this moment is yours and humbly consider ourselves as professionals who only contribute to make your dream come true. 

Of course we do! We require an initial deposit of 60% of the agreed quotation and will then set up a payment plan for the remainder. 

That’s a big YES! We believe there is no point of taking any fee whenever you need to ask for some advice and enlightenment about your big day. Anyways, we vow to do our best to corner any of your apprehensions beforehand, through our initial zoom chats and phone calls. On the other hand though, drastically changing the scopes of the event may come with some additional fees.

Actually, we plan and setup any type of wedding celebration. Coming from a multicultural background and a 20- yr-old experience help a lot at grasping subtilties of different types of celebration, ceremonies, party’s and so on.

On one hand, we do traditional Asian as well as conventional western style weddings. On the other hand, we can also cater for less conventional, theme focused with more eccentric flavors and touch. 

Should decide to have a beach party or a garden party in the wild, we are ready to accommodate any kind of décor or setup that fits your desires and needs. We can even cater for more than 1000 guests if requested.  

In any case, in the end, it will be up to you and your special one to envision your nuptial celebrations, in any way you desire… Should you want to get married on the Ken & Barbie at the beach theme or on a Bollywood blockbuster theme in the woods, we will make it happen, no matter how. 

A big fat “YES WE DO“! 
The pandemic has changed so many rules, that nowadays exotic weddings have evolved into offering hybrid services that include digital and virtual event production. As such we are pleased to announce that we do offer livestream services that can air on multiple private and public platforms, as well as devices.
Additionally we can offer to host a personal private wedding album website, where videos, photos and stories can be published for your family, friends and even children to view online.