Planning a Wedding – The Bride’s Checklist

Congratulations… You are getting Married !

And Yes! He or She proposed… and you said… Yes! And, you are excited about your Wedding Day becoming reality, but now, it looks like the joke’s on you.

For the next months to come, you will be having your head stuck in a continuous daydream, with anguishing ideas about how to have your marriage presented to family and friends.

Planning a Wedding can be “stressless”

Worry not! Your endeavor can be managed without excessive stress. Adrenaline levels will rise exponentially as the saved date closes on you. But again, worry not! With the proper timeline and planning, everything will turn on seamlessly.

However, for many, that could turn out to be a really complicated puzzle, especially when it comes to choose trustworthy providers. From the Flowers to the Venue, through the DJ, meals, drinks and wedding cake selection, there can be more than 20 suppliers involved in your wedding day. This may come as an important stress generator for you, your chosen one and even for the families. choosing a Wedding Planner in that sense, is no luxury…  And more so if you are planning on an exotic Wedding in Mauritius for instance.

Here is how we would advise on how to prepare and plan your wedding, months ahead. This is far from being the most exhaustive to-do list, but to our best knowledge, this is how to make the most of your timeline.

To illustrate what we are saying, here’s what a wedding plan timeline might look like. We will pretend that both of you have agreed to save April 06, 2023 as  your wedding date.

Your Wedding Plan

April 2021

He proposed… And you said Yes !

He proposed… And you said Yes !
We will assume that you are already wearing your engagement ring and have mutually agreed about officializing your wish to marry.
  • Meet family and close friends. Make it official.
  • Choose a first date tentatively.
  • Start looking into the administrative procedures.
  • Set a gross budget.
  • Determine a first guest list.
  • Choose the place of ceremony.
  • Pick the venue.
  • Find a Wedding Planner (He/ She will accompany you all the way through the processes).
  • Brainstorm about the event staging and styling (easier done along with your Wedding Planner).
April 2022

12 Months Ahead… Ready! Get Set! Go!

12 Months Ahead… Ready! Get Set! Go!
  • Start thinking about the gown.
  • Decide on your service providers.
  • Source the caterer (depends on the event’s theme).
  • Decide on the Wedding Cake.
  • Agree on the DJ and intervening talents.
  • Decide and book the choir or performers for the ceremony.
August 2022

8 Months to D-Day… The Date is Saved… The Invitations Go Out!

8 Months to D-Day… The Date is Saved… The Invitations Go Out!
  • Try and taste the menu (with agreed caterer)
  • Pre-book event furniture (sometimes that might not be necessary)
  • Make your wedding list and share it.
  • Meet the decorators and florist (usually with your Wedding Planner)
  • Choose the photographer/ videographer.
  • Print and send invitations.
  • Save the Date.
October 2022

6 Months to Go… The Rings…

6 Months to Go… The Rings…
  • Establish a Dress Code if necessary (usually goes with the theme).
  • Choose the groom’s suite.
  • Choose the bridesmaids’ outfits.
  • Finalize the guest list.
  • Order the “faire-parts”.
  • As per guest list, define accommodation needs.
  • Book the bride and groom’s ride.
  • Get the rings.
  • Finalize the bride’s gown.
November 2022

5 Months remain… Do not Forget the Honeymoon

5 Months remain… Do not Forget the Honeymoon
  • Define witnesses and bridesmaids’ role.
  • Send the “faire-parts”.
  • Get the wedding attires for bride and groom.
  • Start planning the honeymoon.
  • Complete administrative procedures.
  • If needed, start procedures for passport and vaccination (especially if planning exotic honeymoon)
January 2023

3 Months before… Review Bookings and Pre-Orders

3 Months before… Review Bookings and Pre-Orders
  • Publish the marriage banns.
  • Follow up with guest who have not yet sent their RSVP.
  • Apply for leave days at work.
  • Get the wedding lingerie.
  • Review status of all necessary bookings and pre-orders.
  • Print menus, place cards, ceremony booklets and thank notes.
  • Finalize the Wedding Cake.
February 2023

2 Months till D-Day… The Guest List is Finalized

2 Months till D-Day… The Guest List is Finalized
  • Confirm final guest list.
  • Set the seating plan.
  • Buy Civil Marriage outfits (if necessary)
  • Mock make-up and hairdressing session for the bride
  • Set the ceremony program.
March 2023

1 month left… Finalizing Everything!

1 month left… Finalizing Everything!
  • Finalize flower choice and decoration.
  • Finalize Playlist with DJ.
  • Give final number of guests to caterer.
  • Last Meeting with Photographer and videographer
  • Establish the Wedding Day’s planning
March 2023

2 Weeks to go… Everything is in place

2 Weeks to go… Everything is in place
  • Finalize the seating plan.
  • Organize a Mockup session for the ceremony.
  • Finalize all suppliers and services.
  • Cater for a first aid kit.
  • Finalize honeymoon and buckle the suitcase.
  • Pamper yourself with beauty treats.
  • Collect all wedding outfits and attires.
  • Put on your wedding shoes every night. (they should not be worn all new on wedding day)
April 2023

On The Very Eve… Better Relax!

On The Very Eve… Better Relax!
  • Check out the last details.
  • Dress the bride and groom’s ride.
  • Charge on smartphones and cameras.
  • Take a break with the family and take time to relax.
  • Prepare the rings and place them wherever they cannot be forgotten.
April 2023

Your D-Day… That’s your Day. Smile, Stay Relax, Let the Others do Their Part!

Your D-Day… That’s your Day. Smile, Stay Relax, Let the Others do Their Part!
  • Collect the bridal bouquet and other flower accessories for outfits.
  • Prepare a small beauty case.
  • Eat something, a little snack at least.
  • Get yourselves to your best looks.
  • Have fun.

During the month after the wedding…

First, enjoy your honeymoon to the full, and most of all, start writing the next chapters of your new life.

Do not forget to send the thank notes. The best way to keep the momentum and stay in that fairy-tale mood, is to share your photos and videos with friends and family. If you are fine with it, share some (not everything, only the best pics) on your Instagram


Indeed, the proper planning of a memorable wedding takes anywhere between 18 and 24 months. Moreover, it implies many stakeholders that need to be managed on a day-to-day basis almost.

In some cases, the number of service providers can rise to more than 50. Managing these may become a nightmare especially when some of them might prove to be of the wrong standards.

This is where the Wedding Planner kicks in. He/ She is the one specialized in choosing the right venue, the right providers, and suppliers. Most of all, the right Wedding Planner knows how to seamlessly stitch everything to make your very special day “stressless”, memorable, and beautiful at all levels.

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